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The turn of an era

as a multidimensional crisis?

vision from above

geopolitics, digitalisation and cybercrime

Zeitwende als multidimensionale Krise?

Weitblick von oben

angepasst und zielgerichtet

Keynotes from renowned speakers, breakout sessions, and timely content.

Our full-day event opens the discussion for decision makers and experts from companies and organizations, critical infrastructures, research and development, or hidden champions.

In Vienna, importance lies with those who know much to whisper. Secrecy is at the heart of society.

In other words: When something strange happens, when something can't be explained, when diplomatic entanglements and espionage are involved, it's always said to be the Austrian way.

Journalist Emil Bobi on the occasion of the publication of his book „The Shadow City“ in the year 2014.

Since its inception, alite has relied on an interdisciplinary network of specialists in the fields of cyber security, digitalization, research and development, economic and industrial espionage.

This network includes public authorities, companies and individuals. In 2019, the Vienna Talks were initiated by this group and will address the topic of digitization in the context of cybercrime, leadership and skilled labor shortages, and legal frameworks, with representatives from the banking, defense, energy, healthcare, and science sectors. Valuable, reliable, honest and confidential, with a clear purpose and structure, open and transparent.