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Military-technical mix

vision from above

adapted and targeted

Militärisch-technischer Mix

Weitblick von oben

angepasst und zielgerichtet

We combine military structure with risk-specific expertise

Our alite team and network understands the strategy and business objectives of companies and identifies the necessary resources, the so-called assets. We always work with high quality, reliability, integrity and confidentiality, with a clear goal and structure, open and transparent.

Wir kombinieren militärische Struktur mit risikospezifischem Know-how.

alite-Team und Netzwerk versteht Strategie und wirtschaftliche Ziele von Unternehmen und identifiziert dafür notwendige Ressourcen, die sogenannte Assets. Wir arbeiten immer qualitativ hochwertig, verlässlich, integer und vertraulich, mit klarem Ziel und Struktur, offen und transparent

Different expertise. Deployed for your objectives.

Founder & CEO

Stefan Toedling

The establishment of alite reflects the identities of the founders. It enables the integration of the worlds of the military, business administration, and technology.

As a former military officer, the business administrator Stefan Toedling ensures strategy and structure at the helm of the alite team.


Daniel Theuermann

As the founder of alite, Daniel Theuermann brings international experience from management roles in an internationally operating IT corporation. Since the establishment, these experiences have been benefiting only alite’s customers.

Security Consultant

Alexander Halbarth

Alexander Halbarth embodies the world of technology at alite. As the technical conscience of alite, he leads the team of IT security experts and lives his passion for technology on a daily basis.

Risk Consultant & Marketing

Markus Hellmann

The experience and expertise of alite are nurtured from the backgrounds of its experts and their academic careers.

With his experience as a police officer and intelligence officer, Markus Hellmann leads our team of risk management experts.

Proven, innovative and solution-oriented.

Over the years, alite has built a network of specialists in cyber security, risk management, blackout and crisis management, including incident response.

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