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Securing your digitalization journey


Invalidenstrasse 1/7a
A-1030 Wien

Invalidenstrasse 1/7a | A-1030 Wien



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+43 1 934 6126 | +43 676 843 468

Securing the essential

You already know that digitalization is transforming your work and life. But so do attackers. We help protect your essential business assets. With your business model in mind. With our expertise at hand. Time to harness the raging digital river and make it your power source. Let’s start thinking about securing your digitalization journey.


We know information security

Data-driven assessment of your assets. Quick overview of your attack surface. Based on your existing security measures. Customized attack. Or all in with Managed Security Services. We are your long-term partner with a holistic view of your security roadmap. And there with you in the mud.

Looking beyond the horizon

We proudly assist organizations large and small when it comes to Information Security challenges. With our own experts and an international network of specialists. We help launch new technologies into your orbit. Navigate your assets on the journey to safer digitalization. We are your asset satellite.


Our services

Resilience Consulting

Understanding your very own business assets. Analyzing risks and security measures. Deriving concrete steps. Our Resilience Consulting Workshop sets the stage for step-by-step secure digitalization. With a clear Information Security Roadmap, tailored to your business model’s requirements and straight-forward, executable advice. Because every journey begins with the first step.

Cyber Security Partnership

Data-driven assessment of your information security posture. Regular scanning of your attack surface. Continuous risk mitigation. Our Cyber Security Partnership takes care of your security needs, so you can take care of business and get your projects safely in orbit.

Security Assessment

All knots tied? No loose ends? Are you sure? Then it’s time for our real-life Security Assessment. We test your resolve – online and offline – so real attackers won’t. Are you ready to rumble?

Security Committee & Projects

Harnessing big data: security ratings, benchmarking, and asset valuation. Helping you bring technology, processes, and, above all, people together to secure what makes you essential. From a satellite view down to the details that matter.

Time to think ahead?

We understand the importance of security in making digitalization happen. We live it, we love it, and we’d love to have a professional conversation about it with you. Preferably along with a nice cup of coffee.